The wind has been ferocious today and for the first time in a long while, our house feels a bit chilly.  We are all wearing our favorite hoodies.  The heater kicks on from time to time but it's not the same as the blessed heat from the wood stove, however, it is certainly not cold enough to get a fire going either.  Tomorrow's weather is expected to be sunny and warm so we are hopeful!

Today, I woke at my usual time and made my way outside to throw hay for the horse and pony.  We decided to buy a few bales of alfalfa (2-4, depending on what's available) form our local Coastal store for Willow. (My 20-year-old, hard keeper, mare.) The rich green grass phase of spring has passed and now she is grazing on...well I don't know what she's grazing on. She seems to be finding tidbits out there.  She of course still has grass hay bales left to eat, but she doesn't eat that as well and the grass hay alone is never enough to sustain her weight. Alfalfa has the extra protein she needs and I prefer the roughage over various "sweet feeds." 

Anyway, Travis was in town so he decided to stop by Coastal with his truck and get alfalfa that the Coastal website said was available.  He had to wait outside in line, then was allowed in and had to go a certain way through the store, all of this so as not to expose, or be exposed, to the Coronavirus by keeping six feet apart form others. This seems ridiculous to me because the people in line outside are close enough to each other that they can sneeze or cough on the person next to them. That basically takes away the whole point of being six feet apart, doesn't it? Especially because not everyone wears masks.  (But that's just my opinion.)

Long story short, after all of that, there was no alfalfa.

Travis was told to call Coastal each morning to check when more comes in and high tail it down there to purchase some.  I called around other places and none is available yet.  The crops will be ready by the end of May or early June, but I hope we can manage to snag some bails before then, just to help see Willow through.

We haven't started on the process of building a bigger hay barn yet for the very same reason as I stated above, which is in order to even get into Home Depot, we must wait outside in a long line.  Then when we get inside, we must go through the store a certain way, and we are not even guaranteed they will have the supplies we need in stock. Not to mention the shortages of toilet paper, cleaners, bread, eggs, butter, etc., at other stores that are a joy to navigate through nowadays.

These times are frustrating!

On a more positive note, Travis has put out on our 3 Corners Farm facebook page, and other local sites that we are now selling varieties of fresh salad greens. He is harvesting orders, cleaning, rinsing, drying, and bagging them as we speak.   I don't know his whole process but I do know that he is very organized and has got his process figured out!  I am so proud of him because he is the hardest working person I have ever known in my life (seriously) and he is very deserving of getting to see good results from his labor.  There is still much more to sell, but one must start somewhere. (And yes, as soon as I am finished writing, I will make sure that we all go and help him.)

The kids are getting super restless in the house and our food choices are starting to bore them.  My rescue pony is still causing me sleepless nights and gray hairs.  We have found a fix that is slowly healing his skin issues and itchiness, now we are back to him having sore feet. 

Instead of stressing of things we can not control, I choose to sit here at the computer and share some of our struggles with you fine people, who are experiencing the same stressors, or worse.  (Although I truly hope if you are reading this now, all is well with you.) 

Sometimes I pause to think when I am typing.  I look out my bedroom window and see green grass with wildflowers of various colors, scrub oak trees and some pines, and the neighbors' rustic barn through the trees. Daily visitors of deer come by the window, and on more than one occasion we have seen them peeking into the windows all around the house, in various places that they can reach. Our daughter captured the greatest image on her cell phone of a deer peeking in to her bedroom window. The deer had her great big ears straight up and her black eyes were wide and curious. It was an up-close shot and proof that it happens when we share this to friends and family who think we are exaggerating. Haha! 

No matter the struggles we may endure, there is always a miracle, or a blessing in disguise, a glimmer of hope in the mix, and beauty all around us.  We just have to stop for a minute and take it in so the good things don't slip right by, unnoticed.  

That would be a sad shame.

Chin up everybody!  Smile.  Lend someone a hand.  Hug your babies.  Drink a beer with your special someone.  Sometimes crying is aloud but then go back to the good stuff.  Face time the ones you love and we can all be grateful for such great communication abilities at our finger tips!

We won't have a shortage of supplies or be stuck in our homes forever. I can feel a change coming...just...around...the corner.

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Many blessings to all and have a happy Thursday!  

Amy Darr
3 Corners Farm
Mosier Or. U.S.A.