Hello and welcome to our 3 Corners Farm and Homestead site! 

We are a family of five and live in the hilltops of Oregon above the Columbia River Gorge in the Pacific Northwest. We have always desired to have a farm of our own and are first-generation farmers. It may have taken us 20 years but here we are!

Travis and Amy

Here is a Little More About Us and What We Do

My husband Travis has a passion for growing produce. After growing and providing for our little family for many years, he finally branched out in 2019 and started growing and harvesting for others by starting our 3 Corners Farm business. He has worked hard, earned credentials, and excels at farming large quantities of produce while using few resources.

Combine that with raising our three kids, my love of animals, my love for natural and homegrown, and homemade foods, plus my love of writing, and we have managed to put all our talents together and share our journey with others!

What Makes Us Unique?

Well, we are doing this on a meager 3 acres and we want people to know that if we can do this, anyone can! It just takes some grit and a bit of thinking outside the box. We also like to give back by taking in rescue/sanctuary animals to foster with us or live out their days in peace, comfort, and companionship on our little Homestead. Their stories alone are incredible and worth sharing with the world!

We welcome you to our journey and hope you enjoy learning right along with us. You can follow us on Facebook, YouTube, and through our blog page at 3cornersfarm.com.

Much love from us,
The Darr Family
Travis, Amy, Trevor, Blake, and Megan