In case you haven't guessed it, Chewy the ponies' blood work came back positive for Cushings Disease, as well as thyroid issues.  He is Insulin Resistant and immune compromised.

I would like to say more about it but I am honestly not surprised. I pretty much already knew due to how much water he drinks, how much he urinates, how sluggish and tired he seems, and his poor skin and coat condition. Let alone that I can not get his hooves to not cause him pain. Unfortunately, Willow the horse may soon be following in his footsteps.

The medication required is expensive. There is a powder to sprinkle in Chewy's food and half a pill to give him per day. He will also need to go back for blood work in 12 weeks to make sure that it is working for him. It will be more expensive for Willow but she seems happy just living out her retirement. I have suspected this type of issue with her ever since bringing her home in November of 2018, however, nothing has changed with her and I think I will address her blood work in the fall. 

Other than that, Travis's salad greens have been selling out each time he has a new batch ready. We decided to continue delivering instead of joining the farmers market this year because our business is already more than Travis can grow produce fast enough, and with the Coronavirus, who knows what the farmers market will even be like?  People may not come if there can only be one visitor at a time.

Speaking of the Coronavirus pandemic, I took all three kids to town today to brave going shopping at some of the second hand shops for clothing items. We are starting to look ratty tatty because we probably could have used to purchase some better clothes even before the quarantine hit.

We went to Goodwill first but were told at the door that we could not go in without masks or scarfs, or some kind of face coverings. Megan and I had them in the car, but the boys did not. So...we went to St. Vinnie's instead. We were allowed in without face masks but everything was different. There was no parking aloud in the parking lot.  (We still can't figure that one out.) There were separate doors for entering and exiting.  There were plastic see through partitions at the check-out counters, and hand sanitizer stations throughout.

We found a few clothing items for some of us, but we did not try them on.  We will wash them first at home and take our chances that hopefully things fit.

Blake was dying for some Dairy Queen so we went there next. There was a line up of cars but Blake really loves his D.Q. so he waited outside to go in and order because the sign out front read only one person in the lobby area at a time. A half an hour later, and after having been given a number and told to wait outside after ordering and paying, Blake finally got his food.  

We got the heck out of town and headed back up the hill. Now as I type, the kids are upset because the internet went out, so I am going to sign off now and hope this saves. I think I will leave it up until I know service is back on and then I will save it.

I hope the rest of you are faring alright and adjusting to the changes as we are. 
There is always a bright side and today's is that at least it is sunny, beautiful, and 80 degrees out!  With only a slight breeze instead of the ferocious winds we have been experiencing for weeks now.

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Until next week, much love and many blessings to you all,

Amy at 3 Corners Farm
Mosier Or., U.S.A.