As I typed in today's date, I couldn't believe it!  We just finished celebrating our Daughter, Megan's, twelfth birthday and Thanksgiving.  Now we must switch gears into the final preparations for Christmas. 

First of all, I would like to share with you all that Travis has partnered up with a man in Odell who is allowing Travis to use a one acre parcel of irrigated field to grow garden produce.  

In exchange, Travis will teach him how to do this work successfully, growing fresh produce for local markets.  They will each get some business from it and there is more people asking for the fresh produce than we can keep up with on our little farm so it is time for Travis to expand. 

Odell Lot

On the home front here at the farm, everything has frozen over from the cold. We had a bunch of rain, then it cold and froze. The horse and pony have to walk extra carefully across the ground because it has become dangerously jagged in some places. Willow the horse has boots, but she does not tolerate them well. I have opted to let her remain without them and let her choose her own footing carefully. So far so good, but there is honestly not a whole lot I can do about the ground. 

Chewy the pony has perfectly good little Cavallo boots for his front hooves and I put cut up pieces of my old yoga mat in them for extra padding.  

I really need to measure Willow's hoof sizes and buy her the same brand as his because they have become our number one favorite!  They are easy to put on and take off.  

They are breathable and have good traction, and they are durable, but they will be more expensive for Willow because she is a full sized horse, not a mini.

Inside the house, we are cozy and warm with the wood stove and all the bread baking I have been doing for us and our customers.  We even brought the big pails we use to soak Chew's hay in, up to the back door of the house so we can keep his soaking water from freezing.  

Speaking of that, I just received the results of Chew's latest blood work and his dose of PR ascend for Cushing's disease needs to be increased. I was worried at first but the vet said it is actually quite normal that they start with the lowest dose possible before increasing.  Phew!  I thought Chewy must be a super delicate case but he's not.  He will take a full tablet each day now. Everything else will stay the same and he is looking and doing well in all other areas. Now we must get another round of blood work in six weeks!  If that goes well, he will be set for a good long while. 


Part of me would love to expand my animal sanctuary and rescue work a little bit but now is not the time to pursue this expensive endeavor. Not just yet.  

In the meantime, I am working hard with Travis to get the fresh produce up and going, and all the while continuing to make the property set up to house a variety of animals. 

We do not have enough acreage to take in much more but I will eventually do as Travis is doing and look for another pasture and barn site nearby that someone will be willing to let me use for animals in exchange for board fees or such.  

At least that is the dream I have anyway! There are many barns with pastures up here on our hill that have been empty of livestock and are overgrown.  

Come fire season that can be quite a hazard.  I would be happy to remedy that with animals in need who can make the land less flammable for us all and we will be doing good for the animals to boot. Ha!

We have been busy at home so have not been too concerned with world events recently and it has been refreshing to me! This blog post is coming to an end now as I have shared all there is to share for now.  My family is doing well and we hope that anyone reading this is as blessed as we are!

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Many blessings to you all!

Amy Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier Or. U.S.A.