This week for me was spent researching how to feed my senior mare to help her gain weight and keep it on. This has always been a struggle with her but is even more challenging the older she gets. I have about tried it all but will never give up, so I have come up with a new plan and will slowly start implementing some changes and see if it helps. 

For those of you who don't know, she has a metabolic disorder so that takes away many pellets, sweet feed, and grain options. For those of you who already know of Willow and her story, I will not bore you with the details.

Willow in the Mud

I have not had time for much baking bread and canning this past week because the animals and family have kept me super busy, not to mention working on-line from home as an assistant reading teacher. I spend my days on-line while taking constant breaks to throw some hay or help my own kids with their on-line school work.  

There is also house cleaning and dogs to walk, etc. I am so grateful that last weekend Travis bought and installed some more panels and gates for the horse, pony, and goat to each have their own shelter and paddock at night. 

Now if only the rain would give us a break so the ground can soak up some of the water and dissolve the mud.  Rain and mud are my least favorite weather events ever!  I would take an ice or snow storm over rain and mud.


I have avoided the news this week because as we all know, living in The United States of America currently is a stressful situation. I am reading enough to keep up with the facts of American politics and world events but I have no opinion on any of it. 

I am too busy trying to keep up with a new way of schooling and keeping us all protected as much as possible form Covid-19.  Keeping three teenagers busy and well (and full) is quite a task, and it's a 24/7 job!

I miss my extended family and friends a great deal but I am so thankful to have my husband and three kids, plus a half dozen animals to keep my heart beating and my body moving. We have slowly adjusted to this new way of living and feel lucky that we live in such a beautiful place during such crazy times. 

It helps that we couldn't ask for better neighbors.  We absolutely adore the people who live in the countryside around us! There is such a great sense of community up on this hillside in Oregon.

Just like the title of this post states, times are changing. Now there is talk of sending kids back to school but on a hybrid model meaning they will go in person for two days a week and continue distance learning the other three days of the week. Elementary children will go back first, then middle school and high school kids will be introduced back to school.

I don't know how I feel about all of this change but one thing I do know for sure is that it will never be the same as it was before. Just think of all the new terms we are using in our daily lives now:  

  • In person school
  • Distance learning
  • Social distancing
  • Masks required
  • Covid precautions..

Just to name a few.

Yes indeed, times are changing whether we like it or not. 

Well, I must brave the world now and head out to do some shopping for animal feed supplies. I SINCERLEY thank all who donate and volunteer their time to our little rescue herd, follow our stories, and support all our endeavors along the way.  I send you my love and wish you the best in this year to come!

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Many blessings to you all!

Amy Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier Or. U.S.A.