Hello one and all! What a beautiful past few days it has been! I understand that sunshiny days would not be as respected without the other weather patterns but I am SO grateful for the sun. Today is much more gray and overcast with a chance of precipitation, but at least we had a break from the moisture. 

We are currently enjoying all the active birds and frogs outside. The bug life is picking up as well and every year so far living in this house, at about this same time of year, we get little moths that enter if ever anyone leaves the door open at night for one second!  Last night Megan went out in search of her cat before going to bed and in just the few times that she opened the door to go out, and opened it to come back in, we got a bit of a moth swarm. 


Other happenings in our part of the world are that Travis has planted some Sala nova lettuce, green onions, jalapeno's, dell peppers and a mix of cherry tomatoes, so we currently have plants in various places around our house and the shoots of the Sala nova are already starting to appear!  Soon it will be time to move them out to the garden beds and plant more seeds to take root in the house again.


I have been baking breads like crazy and filling egg deliveries. I also tried making our first YouTube vlog for 3 Corners Farm and it ended up that Travis had to help me do much of the editing. I have a lot to learn. The video didn't turn out quite as nice as I had envisioned but I know that the vlogs will get better and easier as we go so I will keep trying to improve. 

I have also been wrapping up my time in my assistant reading position. I will finish out next week and be done.  It will be so wonderful to focus on all that needs doing here on the home front but it is also a scary transition.  I found stability in my job, but in farming, if ever I have to do this without Travis, (Heaven forbid) I feel I could not do it alone!  With that said, we must all take a leap of faith sometimes and move forward into the unknown.  It will either bring great change or struggles, perhaps both, but we will never know unless we try and we will always gain knowledge and a new perspective if nothing else. I feel that is our purpose here on earth anyway, to face our fears, try new things, and gain wisdom. Most importantly, we must try to make a difference for the greater good and be our unique selves.

Honestly though, this week I have not much else to add, but I love it when times are mellow. Especially because the process of getting schools ready for the kids to return has been quite a draining experience, and that is what I have been spending much time on between baking breads, feeding animals, monitoring our teenagers and their on-line lessons, and other various farm jobs. I look forward to this evening because after an appointment, a bread delivery, a trip to Coastal for more feed and supplies, we will be ordering pizza and I plan to relax!

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I wish you all the best and I hope you get to enjoy this weekend too.

Much Love, 

Amy Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Oregon, U.S.A.