Good Day Vibes

    Good morning all you lovely people of the world!  I hope that this day finds you well and happy.  I woke feeling inspired today.  Inspired to take in every experience that life is bringing our way and being grateful for all of it.

    It has been a tough week though, I'm not going to lie.  I have some dear friends and people in my life who have gone through some great losses. I have also been so busy trying to play catch up and keep up here around the homestead that I think I overdid myself on Wednesday. The day after that (yesterday) I was feeling bone weary tired, almost unable to keep my eyes open.  Then I realized the springing forward time change could play a role in my weariness. Thankfully, I got outside and snapped out of it!

Getting out in nature

    As a parent, the kids are keeping me on my feet. For those of you who may not know, we have three kids, ages 18, 15, and 12.  Our family seems to go through periods of time where nothing much is happening and life gets rather boring, then we find ourselves slammed into business like a full speed chase!  I always tell the kids, "Just enjoy this slow time because it will not last."

    That is now our current status. 

    Family Member Happenings

    Blake is heading back to school in April.  He is in a charter school which will require one of us to drive him there and back each day.  That is going to be a big chunk of time and a big change for us, but a good one, so drive every day we will. (At least we get to drive with beautiful scenery along the way.) There are three drivers in our household so there should always be someone available. I told Blake that if he knows friends from around us that need transportation to the school, to let them know we can help.  He already knows of a few.

    Megan has been known to have low iron and so we are trying to keep up with that, but she is also experiencing much anxiety. This is not new to her.  She has been a precious, anxious soul since she was little, but of course the events of this past year, globally, and in our part of the world as well, as schools and activities were cancelled for a whole year, have only intensified these feelings for her. I have been taking her to see specialists that can better help me, to help her, through this. My goal is to teach her how to cope with anxiety so that as she grows into adulthood, she will understand there is nothing wrong with her, she is not alone, and there are things that she can do to help herself feel less helpless and more secure. I firmly believe it is time for our culture to start taking mental health as seriously as we take physical health, especially when it comes to our youth and our most vulnerable! I never want my daughter to feel ashamed or embarrassed about her mental health. I do not wish that for anyone.

    We have decided for Megan to stick with on-line learning until the start of the next school year, to give us a bit more time to get a handle on her anxiety, but until then, she will be auditioning for a musical theater coming up, and that will get her out and socializing again about three days a week. (More driving for us.) She will be performing in front of audiences so will be facing some of her social anxieties. I think that is a good thing and very brave of her. She is incredibly musically gifted and talented so this is a great fit for her!

    Our oldest son Trevor has just been hired on to work at our local mini mart, and while I think he is a bit nervous, I also think he is relieved to be able to get out and contribute, to have some goals again. Now he will not be available as often to help around the farm but I'm pretty certain he is okay with that. (Wink.) 

    I don't even know how to begin to fill you in on the happenings in Travis's day to day life. He is still managing to work full time while getting our 3 Corners Farm business truly off the ground.  We are at a point now where it is getting challenging to work outside the homestead and still manage all that needs doing here.  There are many things I can tend to, but there are also many things I need Travis for. 

    Expanding Our Options

    Some of the work around here consists of gardening, canning, filming and editing to share some of our work and happenings on YouTube, animal care, writing projects, and admin related responsibilities too. We have a senior horse, a special needs mini pony, a silly Nigerian Dwarf goat, 10 chickens, a rabbit, 3 senior dogs, and their leader...The Cat.

    We recently had to take the cat to the vet for the first time since her spay surgery six years ago because she seemed to have an upper respiratory infection.  She was treated with an injection of antibiotics and is now on the mend. Megan loves this kitty with her whole heart so we are relieved she is doing better. 

Snow Kitty

    There is also baking to do because I sell home made breads with our fresh farm eggs and produce. We are slowly expanding all of our options.   (Forgot to mention there is also deliveries to make and farmers markets to attend.) We never run out of things to do and it does not even seem like work because we enjoy all of it. We are so fortunate to live this way and to be able to share it with others!

Cinnamon bread

     One More Added Tidbit..

    Coming up next week is Chewy, the mini pony's, first vet visit of the year to check his blood levels from Cushing's/medication.  He is still not sound in his feet, but honestly, he never truly has been one hundred percent. I am going to be bluntly honest with the vet this time around because if this treatment is not working for him, I choose not to put him on a higher dose of Prascend. It is already a high dosage for a pony, plus it is expensive and it robs him of his appetite, which makes his careful feeding even harder than it already is. Please keep us in your thoughts and send positive vibes that we will receive good news in regards to Chewy's blood work numbers. I must also get another farrier visit scheduled and stock up on the horse's special feeds while I can!  What I need for them is not always in stock.

Our Little Rescue Herd

    Honestly, there is SO much more to fill everybody in on, but I think I will save it for the next blog post. We have a lot to do this weekend and into next week.  Some of it will not be so fun, and perhaps some of it will be stressful, but we remain to be optimistic and full of gratitude for all of our experiences!  We are normal people, living a country lifestyle, producing our own food and expanding to share it with others, while trying to help a few rescue animals in need along the way.  We thank those of you who share in our journey by following along with our blogs, YouTube videos, and website, as well as purchasing products from us.  We are sincerely grateful to Columbia Vet for all of their care to our precious animals, and we are indebted to those who donate to our little rescue herd.

Our hearts and souls are just filled to the brim with gratitude and love!  May you all stay well and be blessed,

Amy Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Oregon U.S.A.