Happenings In Our Little Part Of This World

Hello beautiful people!  I am super busy today and must make this blog post quick. Tomorrow my twin sister is coming to visit (we are fraternal twins) and I am going to bake her and her family some banana breads this morning. I also have other bread orders to fill and the kids are keeping me busy between on-line schooling, rides to town for various things, and not to forget, there are animals to tend to. The new little goat is out in the field with our horse and older goat for the first time, while we do regular checks on him to make sure all is well. 


Our weather went from being in the 80 degree range (Fahrenheit), to dropping to the 50's with strong wind. With that brought pollen.  Pollen, pollen everywhere! The other day I got in my car, which was so covered in yellow dots from the trees around our carport, that I used the wind shield wipers and you should have seen the yellow dust fly!
Needless to say, it kind of comes with the territory of choosing to live in the countryside where we do, but I have not been feeling my finest, especially today. 
If there is one thing we can not change, it's the weather.

Other News

I am feeling kind of bummed because some of our family (on both sides) are choosing to leave our area and moving to other states. A lot of it is just because life has happened and people must follow their changes, but I believe it is also due to so many crazy restrictions, from still wearing masks when leaving the house, to now proving we have had the Covid vaccines by showing proof with a vaccine card if we want to shop, eat out, or do anything without masks on.
I think this is completely wrong and I don't blame others for leaving and choosing to live somewhere where they can be themselves freely!  Especially because there are other states where kids are going to school five days a week and playing sports as usual. While I am a huge advocate for change, I also envy them those freedoms and don't believe that staying covered up and in fear is going to accomplish anything.
I would be lying if I said I haven't contemplated moving myself, especially after going to the Portland area recently and seeing first hand what the Rose City now looks like. It certainly is no longer the city of roses. It is the city of boarded up shops, homeless camps, needles on the ground, protesters, and constant shootings. 
Travis and I were talking about how there are several people around us on our hill who have recently moved here from the Portland area and are trying to build new homes, or repair the ones they bought, but are struggling to do so due to wood prices, etc.
I try not to think about all these things too much because it is completely insane! Instead I choose to focus on our farming work, keeping the kids busy and moving forward in their lives, and loving the nature and animals that we get to enjoy daily.
With that, I really don't have much other news this week to share. I will try to make my next blog update a little more cheery and a little less about news from the outside world, since I created this blog as a way to share my family's experience of moving to a small homestead and starting a market garden business. However, whether we like it or not, this year has brought worldly change that affects our life as much as everyone else's and sometimes it is just at the forefront of our daily lives.
I send my love and blessings to everyone reading this blog today.  Stay positive, happy, and well because while we may sometimes feel overwhelmed with the world as it is right now, I I firmly believe these changes are necessary and we will come out on the other side better and stronger than ever!

Take Care,
Amy E. Darr
3 Corners Farm
Mosier, Oregon U.S.A.