A Quick Re-Cap

In my last tiny house blog I shared a few things that turned out differently. One was that we thought the insulation was going to be expensive, but what a surprise to us when it really wasn't too bad of a cost after all! When looking at insulation and cost on-line, there was no information on how much is provided in a package, so when Travis and Trevor (I know they're names are ridiculously similar...Travis is Dad, Trevor is son) went to Home Depot, they were shocked to see how much was in a package!

The cost was just under $99.00 per package of insulation with each containing 10 pieces that are 8 feet long. Trevor purchased two packs. This is quite close to being enough for the 10 x 20 foot space of Trevor's cabin, but we will know more on that as we go.

I also shared that the guys would be working on the bathroom next because they are hoping to get that done, but that is not the case.  Not even close.

What HAS Been Done Recently

First of all, for those of you reading this who may not know us personally and where we live in Oregon, I will share that since before Christmastime, we have been dumped on with two feet of snow and ice so there was no working on the cabin during that three weeks.  Trevor periodically went out to shovel around it but that was all.

We don't want to be drilling holes for plumbing and then leave it sitting in the melting snow or allow mice to get in, so the weather has slowed the progress down a bit. Also, we could not haul supplies as needed through the winter driving conditions.

Now that we have had some of the snow melt, the guys were able to get back at it and in a short amount of time, Travis installed some PEX piping for the shower plumbing, Trevor finished putting more insulation in, and they were able to go to Home Depot and purchase dry wall.

The drywall's cost was $14.00 each and Trevor bought six, each sheet 4ft. x 8ft. He will probably need 4 or 5 more sheets to finish, and the finishing part will require a lot more cutting, but we were able to cover some of the main walls.

They also purchased an electric tankless water heater, the smallest available, for $199.00 and got it set in it's place.

When it comes to the plumbing so far, Travis (Dad) said he has never used PEX pipes before but he likes them and they were purchased for $30.00. In Travis's words, "All the little chunks and little fittings are expensive at around $2.00 a pop, and the total cost for all of those needed to go with the PEX piping supplies for plumbing were about $200.00".

So...that part was expensive.

What's Next

Ok y'all, this is where my brain is starting to get overwhelmed with all that still needs to be done because we will need to dig a trench to our well house in order to set up electricity, but the weather may not allow for that for quite some time yet. Then the shower needs put in, the bathroom wall needs to go up, and the finishing touches of the insulation and dry wall still need done.

Keep in mind that Travis and Trevor do not have all the tools, that say...a contractor or builder would have, so a lot of this is done with simple, old tools, and because of the snow, the guys don't have the ability to work outside so must use the tiny house that they are working on as their work space. It gets cramped!

Seriously though, this bears repeating because what valuable lessons and life skills this is teaching Trevor!  He is more willing to do the job right knowing that he is paying for it and this is his home-to-be for the future

(Maybe not forever, but it's a great start)!

I will wrap this blog post up now. In the next tiny house blog, I will share the cost of everything so far.  We also made our first video log of this tiny house so if you would like to see it, you can go to our 3 Corners Farm YouTube channel.

Until next time, stay well, take care, and many blessings!

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier Oregon, U.S.A.