Hello there, fellow green enthusiasts! Welcome to our homestead and the new hydroponics haven. Are you ready to embark on a winter journey into the world of green goodness?

For those new to our community, a warm welcome! Feel free to explore our "About Us" page to get to know who we are, what we do, and what sets us apart.

In our previous blog posts, we delved into the exciting realm of hydroponics, sharing our journey from conception to certification.

Hydroponics Is On Its Way!

Seeds of Change: Navigating Hydroponics on Our Homestead!

Now, let's catch up on our experiences so far.

Our Hydroponic Adventure Unveiled:

We kicked off in the last week of November with the transplanting of radishes, which served as our initial system test. Unfortunately, we encountered a hiccup with our pH sensor, leading to an overdose of pH Down and an untimely demise for the radishes. Quick to respond, Freight Farms sent us replacement pH sensors, resolving the issue promptly.

The Inaugural Planting of Salad:

Moving into December, we transplanted 990 seedlings onto the first panels, a routine we'll maintain weekly. Still, in the learning phase within our shipping container setup, we faced challenges like an HVAC unit glitch, which Travis skillfully resolved on Christmas morning, ensuring optimal conditions for our hydroponic unit.

Nursery Table
Nursery Table

 However, the initial hiccups affected the yields of our first two harvests. The extra heat and humidity stressed the plants, but with lessons learned, we're now adjusting water levels for more even lettuce growth. Despite these challenges, January 2nd marked a milestone with our first harvest of 100 pounds of salad mix. Better days are ahead!

Salad Mix
First Salad Mix This Year 

Homestead Happenings Beyond Hydroponics:

 Amidst our hydroponic endeavors, we dealt with excessive mud due to fall rains, prompting us to create a platform for our horse and her friends. Thanks to generous donations of used railroad ties and mats, along with some hard work hauling river rock, we transformed their environment. We are forever grateful to the wonderful earth angels who helped us make this endeavor possible!

Willows platform
Here is Willow standing on her new platform to keep her hooves out of the mud while she eats.

 In other news, we managed to get our new pup current on vaccinations, microchip, and spay. Our furry friends received a visit from the farrier, and a vet check ensured Willow, our old mare, is thriving after a bout of illness caused by moldy feed. 

 As we navigate these challenges, we remain thankful for your support and look forward to sharing more updates next season. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for real-time glimpses into our journey.

We are also happy to share that we are adding merchandise to our online store at 3CornersFarm.com.

Wishing you a joyful New Year filled with love and blessings,

Amy E. Darr 3 Corners Farm Mosier, Oregon, U.S.A.