Yesterday, I finally decided my wardrobe could no longer be ignored. I have been wearing just a handful of clothes in the form of jeans and t-shirts, but these are really not my style. I find jeans to be terribly uncomfortable.  Before we moved to this place in the country and added a million messy chores to do every day, I used to wear dresses and skirts practically every day, especially during the summer.

I decided, why not now?  I can do anything in skirts or dresses as I can do while wearing pants.  

Trevor and Travis were working so I asked Blake and Megan if either of them wanted to come to town with me. Sometimes they are desperate enough to get of the house so they say yes, and beg a milkshake from Dairy Queen or something.  This time, they were both content to stay home.

It was in the afternoon and so I set up some hay to soak in a net for Chewy.  I figured if I didn't get back in time to take it out to him after the hour of soaking was up, I could text Megan to do it because she has done this before.

Here is something you may find interesting. I always buy clothes for myself and the family second hand, with the exception of under things.  If I can't find what we need, then I will shop around for deals/new items.  I just can not handle the prices of things these days!  It stresses me out to pay $30.00 for a single t-shirt when we can get several shirts, skirts, shorts, etc. for almost the same amount. Plus they are new to us and recycling at the same time.  It's a win/win!

Anyway, I tried going to The Salvation Army first, but other than the food bank, they were shut down. Next up was St. Vinnie's. The sign read open so I started to open the door only to realize that that side was now the exit. There was yellow tape showing that I needed to go around it and enter into the other door. When I entered the store, I put on my mask.  They aren't required in all places just yet, but I know it's coming because the Coronavirus numbers are growing daily, like a wildfire out of control, so I am willing myself to get used to it.

I'm not going to lie, I found it stifling to wear the mask, but I did find several items of cute clothing and a pair of flip flops to replace my favorite ones that finally bit the dust. I was stressed about spending $75.00 until I realized if I had spent this much for brand new items, I would probably only have two things. Plus I found a cool denim jacket for Megan.

That reminded me to text her and ask that she take Chewy's hay out to him.  

I soon made it through line and gave my cart to a woman by the exit door so she could sterilize the cart.
I went to the car and tried to accept that this is the new normal but I'm just not there yet.

When I drove up the hill and toward home and passed the pasture to pull into our driveway, there was Chewy, out with the horse and goat eating their alfalfa! Uh oh.

I asked Megan, "Why is Chewy out?"

She said, "I was having trouble with the gate latch and the wind was blowing hard and he wanted out so bad, I just let him."

I think what really happened is she wasn't paying attention and accidentally let him out because he of course, saw his chance.  Then she didn't know what to do because she is fearful of the horses, so she left him.

I explained why he is there and the reason he gets his own specially soaked hay, but he hadn't been out there long and there was nothing I could do about it now other than get him back into his rightful place. 

Today, it shows.  He is having a set back of tender hooves and he is laying down quite often today.  I will probably give him some butte and continue with the strict feedings until he gets back on track.

I was hopeful that the set back wouldn't happen but such is the life with a special needs pony!

I'm just grateful to be able to teach my kids the importance of chores and following directions.  I am grateful for clothes.  I am grateful to be able to meet the needs of a handful of rescue animals. I grateful.

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Amy Darr
3 Corners Farm
Mosier, Or. U.S.A.