It is a whopping 98 degrees Fahrenheit here today!  With the arrival of the heat, came the arrival of the bugs. I am constantly pulling ticks off the dogs and checking myself for creepy crawlies, too. The wasps and hornets are out and I make sure to find where they're building their hives so when Travis gets home, he knows where to spray them.

I go outside every afternoon and dump buckets of water on the horses. At first they don't appreciate it, but are very grateful afterwards!  I have been making some great slow and steady progress with Chewy.  He seems to have relapsed into his painful ways today, but I am not too worried. I believe it's because I allowed him to graze out with Willow the past few evenings.  Truly though, if what grass in our ground that's left is that harmful to Chewy, then he is just not going to make it in the long run.  I have also been walking him to get circulation to his hooves, so perhaps this has played a part in making him tender footed?

Anyway, I now know exactly how to feed him and what I need to do when he has a relapse, so at least I have this new knowledge.

This past weekend was not quite as hot because it was still very windy but Travis and I accomplished a lot between the two of us. I baked bread and did housework, gardened, walked the horses and goat, etc. Travis braved the store and went grocery shopping early on Saturday morning, then he mowed and knocked down all the weeds in the yard.

On Sunday we hauled a bunch of our salad produce down to our teeny, tiny, little town of Mosier and set a small stand up to sell some produce. Travis brought ice coolers for the produce and spent his time visiting with a man he knew from growing up in Mosier.  The man was selling eggs next to us and there was also a cherry stand. We didn't get a lot of visitors or customers, but the ones who did stop to purchase some items were disappointed that there was no farmers market in Mosier this year. I'm pretty certain the reason is because of Covid-19. It is so complicated for some to be able to follow through with all the new restrictions and still make it worth their while. 

Travis was there from 1:00-3:00, but I made a trip home in the middle to soak more hay for Chewy and check on my bread. 

Up next, we drove just outside the The Dalles to pick-up another ton of alfalfa hay since we were very happy with the last ton we purchased. Now we need to get some more low sugar grass hay, and we should be set until the big stock up before winter. 

I have been jogging the past five days and majorly enjoying the sun!  Trevor has been orchard working so that is sucking up his time and energy, but Blake and Megan are spending far too much time on electronics.  I must find a way to remedy that but also feel not trusting enough to take them to too many places since more Coronavirus cases are on the rise. 

"This too shall pass," I often remind myself. 

I finally have some time to go sit on the front porch and enjoy the sunny view while my beautiful horses graze. I am going to sign off now and take a break.

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I hope this blog finds everyone reading it to be well and happy.  Until next week, take care.

Amy Darr
3 Corners Farm
Mosier, Or. U.S.A.