I have decided to title today's' blog with the The Dishwasher Repair Man because it sounds so normal when reality is, there truly is no more normal today. I originally began this blog journey to share some perspective on what it's like to purchase property and start living independently and in harmony with nature, helping animals along the way.

Instead, I turn away from the news of riots in the streets, Antifa taking over places like Seattle, the reality of a coming economic collapse, Covid-19 now spreading like a wildfire out of control, and so on...but today the dishwasher repair came and so I will start with that.

First of all, I looked like Hell.  My pajama top had a bleach stain on the front and it was entirely too small. I was wearing the oldest pajama pants I have with a hole down the side. (I have new pajama pants but living in the country in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, no one ever stops by so I choose to be comfy.)

Needless to say, the poor guy didn't stay long. Haha!

The dishwasher had already previously been serviced by him but he came to ensure that the part that was ordered had arrived for us, and to make sure that all was running smoothly again. He said he came from Cascade Locks Oregon, and was truly driving the hills of Mosier to visit us and bide his time before going back the way he had come and into the Portland metro area. He said he was there yesterday and the tensions were so high that it made him self conscious and he felt the need to look over his shoulder all the time.


I'll take my country life living on top of a hill any day of the week right now. His story sure makes me not take for granted living out here in such a beautiful and peaceful place.

I am currently getting messaged by a woman named Jennifer whom I met on-line when posting for advice about Chewy the pony's health problems. I posted on a facebook horse talk health group. This woman, Jennifer, runs a successful mini pony rescue in New Zealand and she talked me into the benefits of adding a pill to Chewy's regimen. It is called NRF2, protandim. It can't hurt at this point, so after much research, I am going to give it a try. It is quite expensive but in the end, if I don't keep fighting for Chewy while he still has fight in him, I will never forgive myself!  I have faith that the funds will find a way and I can't take it with me when I go anyway.

The family is doing well.  The kids are all done with school and summer break has officially begun, but it seems as if it is fall to me, both due to the cooler weather we are having and the fact that the kids haven't really been going to school for a few months already due to the global quarantine. 

These are crazy times!  Perhaps some day someone will read these posts of mine from 2020 and it will be considered historical recordings of a change in history. Who knows?

Travis's garden growing is still producing better than I expected. Sometimes I wish we were still simply growing produce for our own family to live off of and can. I'm not even really sure when it turned into Travis wanting to make a business out of this lifestyle but if that's his dream, I will support him. I will update next week with how much he has made so far. 

We are getting a 3 Corners Farm sign made from a friend, we have some regular buyers of our produce, and we also have regular visitors out on the road to the treat station where people come to admire the animals.  Things are going well.  

Trevor is finally working but it is only temporary seasonal work in an orchard. He seems happy with it, though, so we can't ask for more.

I must go now to answer the messages from my New Zealand animal lover friend. Remember to always be kind and count your blessings. By doing this you can watch your blessings stack up sky high!

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Take Care, 
Amy at 3 Corners Farm
Mosier, Or. U.S.A.