I title this blog entry with the reminder to help whoever you can because I recently came to the realization that over the years of working with and rescuing many animals, I have learned a lot!  

I met a woman fairly recently who lives around the corner from us. Her husband and parents came to meet Chewy and Willow.  They are interested to hear about how we feed and care for them, specifically Chewy, because they have a mini pony who had been struggling with laminitis.

Willow and Chewy

I eventually made it to their house to meet their pony, and believe it or not, she looks just Chewy!  She is more petite with a smaller head and oh so adorable!

 My advice was to start feeding this pony soaked hay like Chewy has been getting.  I showed her how I set up our little soaking station previously on her visit to our farm, and she had started to do that when I visited.

I could see right away that the sweet pony was in need of a good trimmer.  The neighbor lady had tried to find someone she was happy with but had not had any luck. So...it was arranged to see if she could bring her little one to our place for trimmings with our farrier. Our farrier is what I consider a specialty trimmer because he can do barefoot trims, shoeing, and corrective trimming for all kinds of horse hoof needs. 

Well yesterday, my neighbor friend walked her pony over to meet out little herd, which was wild but wonderful for all of them because it brought a little excitement to the mix.  

Willow and Chewy were separated into the round pen together while her cute pony mare ran around kicking up her heels and making her silly whinny and neighing sounds. 

Obviously, the soaking of her hay to lower sugars and starches had made a clear difference compared to the pony I originally met that struggled to walk a few weeks ago.

All the hooves got trimmed and the neighbor pony's hooves are much improved!  It is so exciting to share knowledge with one another and be able to help someone while making a positive difference in the animal world.  Animals are my one true passion in life. They are the peanut butter to my jelly.

Other then that, our life moves slowly forward. The every day life of farm chores, once a week shopping, Travis working and still tending his garden, and keeping the kids busy, life is going well for us. I still hate our gross blue carpet but I truly shouldn't complain.  We are all doing fine. We are healthy and well.

It is time for me to make a quick write-up/update for the board out front that tells the neighbors and visitors to the farm animals all about our recent update of trims. 

The people around here will be so happy to hear that another pony is benefiting from a needed trim with a fabulous farrier. Another neighbor across the way was asking about our farrier for her horse who needs a trim, however, her horse is sound and healthy so 

I recommended a good barefoot trimmer for her since my farrier is already maxed out and her horse doesn't need any specialty work done on her hooves, just a good trimming.
Anyway, thanks for reading.  Be sure to spread the love in whatever way that makes you happy.  We all have gifts and talents to share with others.

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There are always many adventures on our little farm!

Many Blessings,
Amy Darr
3 Corners Farm
Mosier, Or. U.S.A.