Last week I never made it to writing a blog so I have much to share since my last entry! It turned out that Travis was exposed to Covid-19 from coming into contact with fellow employees at his work site.  Six people tested positive and Travis quarantined for two weeks, working from home.  

Against my advice, he went back to work at the office today, but that is why I didn't post a blog last week, because I really didn't get much of a chance to sit at the computer.

Onto the next event.  

Last Saturday I noticed Willow (my beautiful paint mare) seemed in distress. She was running around the pasture and blowing out with her nose, which is a warning to sign to others of danger. I stood out in the field and watch and observed her. I listened. 

I looked.  Even with great focus I could not determine what was causing Willow's anxiety, however, she is usually right.  It may be something small like a deer, but if Willow notices something new, she will show it.

Willow and Clover

The next morning, I noticed cows up in the pasture beyond our house. The cows have never been there that we have ever noticed in the year we have lived here, but I really thought nothing much of it other then I am glad they are eating things down. 

It was Travis who, after also noticing Willow's odd behavior, mentioned that he thought it was the cows Willow was sensing.  By golly, he was right!  I don't think Willow would be freaked if she knew there were cows, but they were through the trees, behind our house, and up a hill where they were not visible to her. 

As far as the horse knew, there were monsters in the forest who were going to jump out and attack!  I gave her some calming supplement and once my mind was settled on the matter, she too, relaxed a bit and became more at ease. 

Unfortunately all of her running around caused her to be stiff and sore for awhile. She has a few abrasions from literally crashing through the trees and branches, but it has now been a over a week since that occurrence and she is on the mend.  

Next up was a well water scare!  This past weekend our water stopped running suddenly. All we could do was use some of the water sparingly from out stockpile and wait for a repair person since Travis was uncertain of the issue. 

Of course, the horse trough was basically empty because we were letting the animals drink it down so we could scrub it out. Travis was able to haul some water from his Aunt Shelly in the next town over to get us by.  

We have two 500 gallon tanks to use for hauling water when in a pinch such as this one. I also have a stash of drinking water on hand for house use. Toileting though...Let's just say that was not fun.

To end on a positive note I will say, "Do not underestimate the power of prayer and a positive outlook on things."

Even though it was a weekend, Travis was able to locate a repairman.  It turned out to be that over the last 20 years, the mice had finally succeeded in chewing through the chords connecting to the pump that made the well run. 

(I could be wrong on that explanation because I am a dummy on how that system works, but I'm sure you get the jist.)  We were able to get a new part and the water blessedly came back into the house.  I have never been so stressed and then so relieved.  

It was a bit like being on the outside of the body looking in.  I know that I seemed calm and just carried on but on the inside my mind was a train wreck on a high speed track!  What if the well had run dry?  There are so many what ifs that I choose not to think about it any longer.

All is well now.  God is good. All the time.

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Many blessings to all,

Amy Darr

3Corners Farm

Mosier, Or. U.S.A.