We are socked in by wildfire smoke from all around Oregon, Washington, and California.  Our current air quality index is 425, which is hazardous.  I feel so helpless for my outside animals, but currently, it is still smoky even in the house so there is just nothing that can be done about it. 

Thick Smoke

We are supposed to get relief tomorrow or Tuesday according to weather reports so all we can do is hope, lay low, wait it out, and pray.

My twin sister Angela lives in Mollala Oregon and has been evacuated from her home since last Wednesday night. Thankfully, her family has an RV but it still is not an experience that I wish upon anyone, ever!  Her house is still standing but the fire near her is close and keeping them at an evacuation level of 3. They also have to worry about looters in the area.  Reports of arrests have been made and I can't imagine what she must be going through!

Other then that, I survived the first full week of on-line school, but barely.  I started on Tuesday with being on campus, and being on-line with the teacher I am assigned to, but she soon told me it was not necessary to pop in as much anymore when she is teaching her zoom classes. 

Fourth graders have taken to it pretty well.  Instead I focused on getting my home area set up and making sure I can connect to school and classrooms while at least two other people in the house are also working in on-line schooling.  

Sometimes Travis works from home, Blake is a sophomore this year and Megan is a sixth grader. The only one out is Trevor, and since he is not working outside of home yet, (he has been applying places though) he has taken over soaking the hay for the pony with Cushing's Disease throughout the day and a bunch of other farm chores that need doing. Having Trevor home is actually quite helpful to all of us. 

By Friday, I was feeling ill and distressed from the smoke and fires around us, and from my twin sister's turmoil.  Little did I know the worst of the smoke was yet to come!  It turned out as I was driving to town Friday morning, I was notified that school was cancelled. 

I can not honestly say as though I understand why because it is on-line, but I was grateful to not have to go in so I turned around and suffered through the smoke at home. My own kids were glad to see me because they were anxious when they woke up to all the surrounding smoke.  It was so hard to know if a fire was near or if it was just smoke in general from fires in surrounding areas.  I was able to assure them it was not from fire near us.

I am honestly a bit confused about the school system set-up right now.  I think our staff is expected to be in the building but I don't understand why unless we are unable to get internet connection from home.

N95 Mask

Plus, wearing masks and keeping six feet apart at all times is rather a challenge on-site, as well as signing and informing custodial staff of all the places we go in the building throughout the day.

I am truly so exhausted from the past week and not ready to start a new one.  I am blessed with my family that we are safe and well and so is our home and little farm, but I can't help but be nervous about what the future holds.

I plan on making my blogs better by adding pictures to match my stories soon, and possibly some vlogs with videos. Travis and I have started making some '3 Corners Farm' videos on YouTube to practice sharing all of our happenings.  

We feel that while we still have much to learn and always will, we have valuable information to share with others about how to live simply, buy your own land, and learn to be more self-sufficient.  There are many good people wanting to get out of towns and cities in these perilous times.

Feel free to follow along with us on InstagramFacebook, and YouTube.  

There are always many adventures on our little farm!  Stay safe, well, and happy.

Amy Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, OR. U.S.A.