I spent all of last week in a public elementary school building void of any children.  I learned the ins and out of using google classroom and studied zoom tutorials while trying to remain positive and optimistic in these current times. Everyone in my district is starting the year on-line due to Covid-19.

I am right now happily sitting in my little house on top of a hill surrounded by nature, my family, and farm animals.  I loathe going back to an empty school building again on Tuesday to talk to children through screens. I will adjust.  Just give me time.

Today, I choose to focus on time with my family and rest for my soul.  I am going to work on a fundraiser for Willow the horse and Chewy the pony because they both need seen by a vet again.  

Willow has a lump on her right hip that I think needs seen by a vet and Chewy needs blood work done to ensure that his medications are working and that his kidneys are handling them OK. (He has Cushing's Disease.) This will be the 5th vet visit for my little special needs herd this year and we still have fall and winter to go!

We finally pulled up the ocean blue carpet from the late 90's in the living room and hallway, woot woot!

Living Room Carpet
Even though the floor is now subflooring with a few throw rugs, I am much happier with it than that former pee stained stinky sea of mess!

This blog is short but it's all I have to share this week. All of a sudden I find myself with a lack of time to get everything here done when for months all I've had is time to get things here done! I'm off to bake some bread and do some gardening.

Living Room No Carpet
I might also take the kids with me to walk all the animals, from dogs to goat, to horse and pony.  That is bound to cheer me up!

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There are always many adventures on our little farm!  Stay safe, well, and happy.  

Mosier Or. U.S.A.

Amy Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Or. U.S.A.