I have spent yesterday and this morning in training for school.  This year I switched from being an assistant kindergarten teacher to an assistant in reading, mainly because that's where I am needed most. 

    I am very happy about this change but wish I was able to enjoy this position in person with the kids. Since all schools here are starting in virtual classrooms, I at least feel I am learning with the rest of the masses so I am not alone in this new way of teaching.

    Yesterday was mine and Travis's 19th year wedding anniversary!  Travis took the day off from his job only to discover that it was my first day back for training in my job!  He instead spent the day building another shelter in the pasture for Willow since Chewy uses her original one. 

    Willow has never chosen to use a shelter. She's prefers the shelter of trees, but I like knowing it is there as an option if she decides to stand under it in rain or inclement weather. 

    Tomorrow I am taking Megan into town to meet up with a few friends. We will go to Dairy Queen and then to the park for a bit.  Then I will invite them all back here to see the animals and farm if they would like to. 

    Megan has been a trooper since this whole Covid-19 quarantine began.  In fact, all the kids have been great!  We did not take any trips this summer.  We did not have any exciting plans.  It was pretty low key (other than escaping a wild fire, of course!) I think that a small get together will be a nice summer send off for Megan and her friends.

    Travis had to use my car today due to the battery in his truck has died.  If it's not one thing, it's another. Such is life. I am thankful we have more than one vehicle for just such an issue. 

    Other then that, the animals are doing well. Chewy's eyes have finally cleared up from the wild fire extravaganza, and Travis has replanted some of his gardens.  Life is moving swiftly and steadily forward!

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There are always many adventures on our little farm! Until next time, take care.

Amy Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Or. 97040