This week was a good one even though I started off feeling kind of low. I think sometimes I absorb the stress of the world. 

I quickly decided after a day of wallowing to snap out of it because so many have graciously donated to my last fundraiser toward Willow and Chewy's medical fund, that it makes me remember all.

The good in the world!  In fact, I am going to give back by watching for fundraisers and causes to donate toward to pay it forward as soon as I can. The vet visit is scheduled for Monday, October 26 at 8:30 A.M. I will share the visit through pictures and/or video and I, of course, will also share the results.

 The weather here has been wet and rainy, crisp, then one day of sun, and now is very windy outside.  Fall is here in all it's glory.  We thankfully were able to order a new stove for the kitchen.  

I didn't want to because our floors still need finished and we are living with subflooring, however, the oven has decided to heat only when it wants to. We set the temperature at 350 degrees, the oven preheats, beeps, then the temperature drops back down. 

We tried to repair it but honestly, Travis and I have both loathed this oven since we moved in here.  It can only cook with certain pots and pans which makes canning extremely difficult, and it has been touch and go about the oven temperature since day one. 

We decided we've had enough!  The money for it's replacement has taken away from our floor fund, but so be it.  We still have a floor and we will get it done eventually. 

It's all good! I am happy to be able to get back to baking breads and goodies to sell with Travis's fresh produce because that is the income which is paying, ever so slowly, for the home renovations and improvements. 

The animal care comes directly from my paycheck and donations, which I have only ever needed donation assistance this year. If I want to expand my animals rescue dream, I will need to be humble enough to accept the necessary help from others from time to time.  

Speaking of the animals...the reason for this blog's title of, "The Great Escape" is because I have a funny story to share. Last night after feeding the animals we accidentally walked away and left the gate open. Wide open!


Travis and I were engrossed in trying out a new weight scale to measure out how many pounds of hay per day the horses get according to their weight and diet needs. We always set the hay out for the next feed and we just got completely distracted.

Upon waking up this morning, Travis found evidence of all the places Willow had been during the night. She left a poop pile between his truck and the house, she ate a bunch of leftover hay that was lying near the fire pit, and she also left a pile of poo in the little area near the hay shed. According to her poo trails, she is obviously not afraid of tight spaces, haha! Travis then found Willow standing just outside the wide open gate, nickering for her breakfast. My reaction was to LOL. 


I'm so glad that there was no harm done and that she had a bit of an adventure. I am glad she didn't feel the need to wander off the property and go exploring, but instead she stayed near the house and probably even peered into our windows. Oh how farming, even small farming, is a never ending, story telling adventure. 

I am off to perfect my wheat baking bread skills as best I can with an oven that does not hold it's temperature well which means I will need to constantly check it. I finally have found a good wheat bread recipe but will only be able to bake enough for our family until the new oven comes in, which won't be until mid November thanks to Covid-19.

No matter what, I am so grateful for the people and animals in my life, a place to call home, the ability to be healthy and enjoy the seasons as they come and go, and that soon we will have a new oven that works without a hassle every time. (It's not an elegant or expensive stove by any means, but it will do it's job, so what more does anyone need)? Travis and Blake (15) have been cutting and stacking wood for the wood stove as well this week, and I am grateful for that, too!

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I wish everyone a happy and blessed weekend,

Amy Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier Or, U.S.A.