Indeed, this whole week I have had a slower pace.  It has been lovely to force myself to slow down and just take in the fall scenery.  The beginning of this week was perfect weather by being cool at night, crisp in the mornings, and sun shiny warm during the day.

The flies have started to amp up and become a problem on the farm but only because I believe the cool weather is coming, and they know it. Sure enough, today is our first rainy day in a very long time.  Typically we only get light rain, however, this has been heavy rain with big and beautiful drops. 

Willow has been feisty and bossy to Chewy, who is also quite spritely from the cooler temps and rain. We decided to put him back in his stall for awhile this morning because of the rain and because sometimes Willow underestimates her size over him. I don't want him to be injured by her. They are simply doing what they do, but us humans must watch out for them always.


There has been much going on around us in the world, but little to tell from our farm.  There was a large outbreak of Covid from one of our local assisted living facilities, which caused 11 senior deaths. Very tragic news.  

There was also much drama in the White House with the President getting Covid, but I refrain from speaking about all of that nonsense. One thing I will say is, "I sure wish we could all receive that same type of high end medical care and not have to pay for it."

I have done a bunch of housework today and am headed outside to throw some hay over the fence. Eating more keeps the outside animals warm when the weather changes and gets colder like this. 

One of our neighbors came over with his tractor this morning and cleared out a patch of brush, opening a whole new area for us to park our horse trailers.  Wow, what a difference that makes!  

Mama chick is doing a great job mothering her two little chicks, and I am grateful that only two of the eggs hatched because it is a lot of work for Sylvia the silky to keep up with those little cheepers. 

Travis also has been selling his salad produce, some jalapeno's, and a whole lot of eggs, so the farm business is moving right along.

Anyway, that is all for now.  I will share more on the horses, hopefully soon, after I get their next vet visit taken care of.  Phew!  Talk about a lot of work!  

This horse and pony duo are sure lucky they landed in a good home with us or I don't know what would come of them. They are expensive and require a lot of care, every single day, but it keeps me busy and gets me moving so I am grateful and blessed to be helping them.

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Many blessings to you all!

Amy Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier Or. U.S.A.