Today I have accomplished baking a couple of loaves of whole wheat bread, going for a jog then showering, folding laundry, feeding farm animals throughout the day, and now .

I am working on some writing before I go and bake some loaves of cinnamon bread.

Fresh Bread

Chewy will be getting his blood draw completed tomorrow morning. We will haul him in to the vet clinic, he will probably be sedated to ensure less stress on him, and then life can resume normally for him once again. Poor guy. 

    It must seem like we are always picking on him. Both Willow and Chewy got their hooves trimmed yesterday and Travis recently trimmed Clover's too. (The goat). 

    The old dogs Teddy, Baby, and Cupcake are doing fine and the chickens and bunny are, too.  

    Blake is off at paintball with a small group of youth group friends, Trevor is home from work, Megan is in her room, and Travis is just sitting down after cutting and hauling wood.  He had Trevor and Megan help him stack it. 

    It is a breezy fall day and the temperature outside is 41 degrees (cooler with the wind) and a cozy 73 degrees inside the house with the wood stove fired up.

    I learned this morning from Trevor that Joe Biden won the Presidency.  I wasn't sure whether to believe that or not because I don't believe anything I hear these days, so I checked and sure enough, 

    Trevor was right.  Biden won the election. Many people on-line dispute that fact though and say to, "Just wait for the real results".  

    I don't know what they mean or what to do with that point of view so I'm just going to continue living my life as best as I possibly can.  

    My family has too many good things going for us to hem and haw over political arguments and unrest!  It sure makes me glad to live in the hills where we are more removed from the drama.

    The only other tidbit to add to my blog this week is how in the past week my mind has been a fog. I have been very forgetful and very clumsy. 

    I am hoping it is not from my autoimmune disorder but I seem to be feeling more like myself today and the daily activities that keep me busy around here on the farm are truly my saving grace. 

    Back in 2002 when I was diagnosed with this disease, I became overly anxious and depressed and went through some dark years.  It wasn't until I started fostering, rescuing, and saving animals that I snapped out of my dark hole and started living life again! 

    Travis and the kids, of course, also saw me through and stuck with me through thick and thin.  Now I only have occasional joint pain and mild issues, and I have no intentions of going back!

    So, full speed ahead my friends!  Count your blessings and do your best to make a difference. I don't care if you save a bug.  All good deeds count! 

  • Much Love From Me and My Family,
  • Amy Darr
  • 3 Corners Farm
  • Mosier Or., U.S.A.

P.S.  I wrote this blog post in a hurry so I did not add pictures but will return at a later date and add them in.