I will make this entry short as I have been under the weather. 

I have a cough that just won't quit! Aside from that and a runny nose, I am alive and well. This cough has been trying to get the best of me for a week now.  

I am happy to oblige in some down time! Needless to say, I have tended to the animals but have otherwise spent much time in the company of my room, surrounded by three dogs and a cat. They are happy to snore and purr away the weekend with me. 

No worries though because I am fine and will be fine. I have no fevers. I do not feel it is the Coronavirus! It's nothing like that. It is simply the cough and cold that we all get from time to time. 

My dear husband, Travis, hung some pretty white lights over the bedroom window at my request, (What?  I just like them!) and is even keeping the fire stoked up for me.  He went shopping and has helped tend to the animals.  

The kids have been quiet, doing their own things and are probably happy to have a break from soaking hay for the pony and other various farm chores while Dad takes the lead.  They are happy and content to be on-line and quiet while I am down. Haha!

Bed Room lights

I have been thinking that last year at about this time, we only had Willow the horse in our pasture. This was about the time of year when we brought home Clover the goat, to help keep Willow company through the winter.

Little did I know yet that I would chance upon a mini pony on-line who beckoned and called to me. It sounded like he had some medical issues and needed help and boy oh boy, did that ever turn out to be true!  

His needs have sometimes been more than I bargained for, but he's taught me so much and fits like a glove around here, so here he will stay for as long as his time on earth endures. 

We also have three senor dogs.  Baby, Teddy, and Cupcake.  They live in the house with us, shed like crazy, forcing us to rip up the old carpet, and they have a cat that chills with them, compliments of our daughter Megan who has a deep love of felines.  

With all this pet hair on our clothes and in our lives, we still wouldn't have it any other way!  The old Labrador, Teddy, belongs to the boys and sleeps in their room. 

The little terrier/chihuahua mix, Cupcake, just hangs around and we are forever tripping over her, but she is stealthy, silent, and loyal.  

My personal best friend is Baby, who is a McNab collie and sleeps next to my side of the bed. She goes wherever I go.  

Seriously and truly, one hundred percent, WHEREVER I go. Moment by moment, step by step, day by day.  You see me?  You see my black shadow, Baby.  Apart from work, she is with me always.


We also have an old bunny rabbit named Sir Hops A Lot.  We refer to him as the energizer bunny because he just keeps going and going and going...We have lost track on how old he is. We also have eight beautiful hens and 2 young chicks.  

I am so grateful to the people who donate since we have moved here.  It has always been my dream to rescue animals in a bigger way than fostering like I did for years, and now the dream is slowly coming to fruition.  It matches the hearts of many! 

Some of our animals are hand picked by us, others have happened to be rescues that have made their way to us through chance, but I am so grateful that they are here.  Whenever their bodies give out and they decide it is time to move on to better things in the next life, I will always save another earthly pet, one precious soul at a time. 

That's it for today. I must go back to bed and tend to my cough, and milk it for all it's worth!  Tee hee!  Wish me luck and to all I say, "Stay well out there. I send my love".

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Amy Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier Or., U.S.A.