To all, I must apologize as I have been getting my blog posts out late. (This blog is postdated for Saturday April 25th. That is when I wrote it but was unable to finish how I wanted it, so have decided to just send it out, as is.) This post will have no images attached to it, but I will be sending out another blog very soon with video clips and/or images. Life decided to happen all at once for us!  It is a blessing but at times hard to keep up.  Until my newer blog post, please enjoy this quick update from last Saturday. 

It has been awhile since I last wrote of our little farm's happenings.  I have been emotionally preparing myself for putting down my pony. All the arrangements are made. His health is so poor and he is not having any good days left. The only thing left to do for him is to keep him medicated and let him out to be in the pasture with Willow and Clover because it distracts him from his pain and illness, and it makes him happy.  He might as well indulge in his last days. I have consulted with more than one vet and I have vetted him seven times in the past year and four months. We simply can not continue down this road. I am so grateful that so many rooted for him and donated to the medical care because it brought him health for about a year, which I believe he hasn't felt in years previous to us! It took constant care but was all worth the sacrifice. Now, I must see him the rest of the way through in peace.

On the inside of life on our farm, we have been painting and installing new floors while we have a tiny break in time, before the harvesting begins and we get super busy with that.  Trevor, our oldest at 19, has been working at the local mini mart, and keeping busy in other ways too. Blake, age 16, has started back to school but the bussing schedule was all mixed up the first week.  I ended up driving him a few days and will have to every Wednesday it sounds like because there is no bussing available on Wednesdays. He is also working for a neighbor to help them clear trees and brush from their property to try and help stave off summer wildfire danger. 

Megan, age 12, got to finally go shopping at the store of her dreams in the Clackamas Mall recently!  Hot Topics.  Travis and I drove her and her bestie there with money to spend. They had a sleepover, then had a blast shopping and exploring the stores. We were able to go there and back in record time, which was nice. We wanted to do this last year but Covid prohibited it, so we figured it would be wise to squeeze this in now while we can. Portland is certainly not the city it once was and I don't care to travel in that direction for a very long time if I can avoid it. The freeways were littered with homeless camps, graffiti, and trash.  It is upsetting but mostly sad.   

In our little neck of the woods, the Covid cases are once again on the rise and our county is threatened with having businesses shut down, again. However, I personally think some people will rebel. Most people have had enough!  Vaccines are still being administered but apparently not quick enough.

I pray for the schools and the kids the most.

As I sit typing at this moment, I can hear noise all around!  There is loud gunfire being shot off in the distance. It is upsetting Willow in the pasture and the dogs in the house. I can also hear our neighbor using some kind of an electric tool, and Travis is pounding away at the floor he is installing in the kitchen. I am getting ready to head back to town to run some errands and pick up Megan from theater practice, but I noticed some ticks on the dogs that I must remove first...ugh.  It's a good thing I'm not squeamish! I will be purchasing preventatives for this too.

I am very tired today. I am so sad for Chewy but so elated at the new floors. Then I am a bit worried over the news. Next I get happy to see the kids out living their busy lives again.  The ups and downs are wearing me out so I will focus this week on taking care of myself, one day at a time. No need to look too far ahead.

I hope everyone out there is living their best lives and being kind. Stay positive (I know that's hard sometimes) and all will be well!

Lots of Love From,

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier Oregon, U.S.A.