Hello one and all!  Greetings.  I sincerely hope you are staying cool and hydrated because if you are anything like us right now, then you have been enduring summer's wrath of heat. We reached 118 degrees (F) on Monday!  It was unbearable and I felt completely useless. We have two window unit A.C.'s in our 1200 square foot home, and an assortment of fans. We are also blessed with the electricity to keep them running and the refrigerator and freezer to keep the food cool. We endured and kept the outside animals hosed down. Now we have been living with 25 to 35 mile an hour winds and some fires spreading east of us. I believe those fires have been a bit tampered down since yesterday. I am so grateful that it's not near us this time, but I pray for those in the path of wildfires, and our saviors, the fire fighters, of course.

In other news on our little farm, we have taken in a mini horse! I found him on-line and learned that he was just across the river from us in Goldendale Washington. I thought and prayed about him for awhile before I reached out to his seller with questions. I also had looked at a mini mare from Trout Lake Washington because since the loss of our beloved pony, Chewy, Willow has not been the same (Willow is our senior mare) and I have been missing Chewy's little fun presence, too.

Willow is doing good, but she just does not move around the pasture as much as she did when she had Chewy's company.  She also eats better when there is a bit of competition over food, so to speak. She has the company of our two little goats, Clover and Nugget, but they often pal around together and it is just not the same.

Goats Chilling in The Heat

Because we live on a measly three acres, that limits how many animals we can have, which is why I have decided on Minnie's to keep the horse company.  Regardless of size differences, they are all equines and speak the same language. They have the same diet and care needs, but mini's require less hay and acreage, which is nice for us.

Our new little man is not a pony.  He is actually a registered mini horse. His papered name is Navajo's Last Chance, but we will probably end up calling him Joe. We haven't decided just yet. Picking names is a big deal in our family! 

A new Friend

The person I got him from had actually seen a disturbing video of this mini horse being choked out by some roughed up (drunk) guys on tik tok.   Why anyone would do that to an innocent animal is beyond comprehension. Also, how stupid can one be to film it and upload it onto social media?  I usually try not to be negative or judgmental, however, I can't refrain from sharing my thoughts about this! It doesn't matter now because thanks to the family that recognized him, purchased him, and shared him to me, he is safe and will be forever now. We gave the person back what she paid for him.  Laying Chewy to rest was a cost of $1500.00 so I didn't know how we would ever be able to cover this guy's cost, but we managed. God is amazing, faithful, and obviously wanted Joe to join us on our little farm. He fits in perfectly!

He is going to need some work.  He will need wormed, vaccinated, his teeth floated, and some corrective hoof trimmings done, but he is healthy and running around.  He seems to want to GO and loves attention. He is a bit Leary (understandably so) but does fine when we kneel down down to his level. We have him under a shelter with a turn out where he will stay for a month long quarantine.  I will take him out daily for walks and to allow for him to explore his new home and area, but he will stay in the run for awhile while he gathers his bearings.

This is all I have to share for today!  We are literally in survivor mode with this weather because now it is expected to heat up again. All we can do is exist.  When it gets super hot, we have to go out every couple of hours and check on, or cool down animals. Then we come in and do the same with ourselves. Repeat. This will pass, and when fall comes, it will feel like the ice age has arrived!

In the meantime, we are keeping busy with tending to produce, house work, baking if it's not too hot, keeping the kids going, and caring for animals. There is never a dull moment here and we must keep going no matter the weather, weather we like it or not. Life is a joy ride and we are so blessed!

I must take a trip into town now so stay cool my friends.  Drink lots of water and be grateful for air conditioning!

Much Love,

Amy E. Darr 

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Oregon U.S.A.