Greetings to all!  In this blog post I would like to reflect on how far we (my family) have come.  At this time in 2019, we were getting the electrical updated in our house in town to help get it sold because we had our sights set on this current property. We also did wall texturing, painting, fence building, and added brand new appliances to our 1920's Craftsman style house in The Dalles Oregon.

It finally sold and we purchased this little manufactured home on 3 acres on August 19, 2019.  I was working as a teacher's assistant for our local school district at the time, and Travis was working as an I.T. person at a company called The Fruit Company.

Here we are in July of 2021 and we are both now working from home, and we are blessed beyond measure! We have added pasture fences, animal shelters, hay storage, a garden, a wood stove, new appliances, some new floors, and we have done some painting projects, however, we are not finished with home projects yet. We still have a long way to go but that's okay!  It is a wonderful feeling to always have goals to work toward. Add in that life happens sometimes, which may challenge us or slow down the progress, but it keeps things interesting and teaches us many valuable lessons along the way. 

A few of our challenges have been:

1. Surviving a wild fire last summer.  It was very close to our little farm that we have worked so hard on, and even more close to some of our neighbor's property! It taught us how much we rely on others in times of crisis, and that if we had to start over, we could and would, as long as our family and critters were safe. Thankfully we didn't have to.

2. We took in a rescue pony. He made it with us for a year and four months before we decided to say good bye and let him rest in peace. We did fundraising for his medical needs and also forked out the cost of good farrier care and $200.00 a month in medication for him.  Even thought the disease he had did not have a cure and it eventually caught up to him, we have no regrets and are happy that we provided a good home for him in his last year on earth.

3. The pandemic. We had to endure the global Covid-19 pandemic just like everyone else. I feel it did not affect us as deeply as it did others, but it was challenging none the less. We had to change our normal way of doing things when some of us were put on quarantine at home.  We had to work and school from home which eventually became very isolating, especially for our teenagers, but we did not lose loved ones and so we are grateful.


Back to our every day life in the now, Travis has been able to sell his fresh produce at the farmers market each Saturday.  It helps when I add fresh home made breads to the stand. Travis has made even more income from his produce by selling it through a new local farmers Co-op also.  He is stepping up to take on a role as one of the co-op's members. I will share more of how this co-op works and grows in business and in people, in future blogs. I believe ordering fresh produce in this fashion is the way of the future!

On the Homefront, our son Blake is behind in getting his drivers permit and license due to issues with the DMV all last year during the peak of the Covid outbreak, so him and I are working on accomplishing those milestones for him. He has his sights set on getting a job in town since some of his friends have started doing so and he is bored when hanging at home, ha! Our daughter is testing her skills at entrepreneurship because she has helped baked breads and home made cookies for the market, and she is seeing the pay off from it.  She also got to have a day trip to Bend with her friends over this past weekend and was able to spend her money on whatever she wanted. I am offering her an allowance each week to walk our new little mini horse every morning, and she can also earn money from her Dad if she gets up early enough to go with him to the bigger farm lot in Odell, and help him with his produce. Our goal is to get our kids busy and to learn to create ideas of their own to share with others, while also learning how to earn wages and handle responsibility at the same time. 


Our world is quickly changing and I believe it's wise to educate our kids accordingly. They are fortunate to have this experience of growing up with working parents who have achieved to buy land, even if it's not much, and grow a business from it using both our bare hands and modern technology combined.

The sky is the limit for anyone willing to envision what they want, and get up each day to reach one more step toward that ultimate goal. Slowly, slowly, with time, you will find yourself achieving the dream! Even if it fails and we have to start all over again, there is wisdom and blessings in that experience too.

Contributing To The Greater Good

Temporarily, I have taken in three foster kittens who need bottle fed around the clock.  I am fostering for our local shelter, Home AT Last Humane Society.

I was told that the kittens were dumped from a vehicle along the highway (it is not clear which one) and that a homeless man had found the first tiny one and brought it to the shelter. The other two kittens showed up at the shelter the next day, brought in by different people. No one knows what happened to the rest of the litter or mama cat. I don't even know if this story is accurate, but I do know the shelter is maxed out and these poor tiny souls need help, so I am honored to fill this role. 

I hope this day finds you well and happy.  Remember to stay grateful in life and content with all that you have, and find a way to contribute. Whether you can foster or take in rescue animals like me, become a teacher for children, give a homeless person some food, or practice self care to lift your heart from depression so you can be present for your all counts!  Every single, tiny deed will be noticed.

Stay happy and well my friends!  We send blessings and love from our little farm to you all, 

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Oregon U.S.A.