Rolling with the times

Hello and good day!  I am here to share with others that we are helping our 19-year-old son to build a tiny house on our property.  Our family has always wanted to do this, and it makes sense to start with our son since it is such a challenge for young people to get housing this day and age.  At least that's the case where we live. This is our way to take advantage of what we can do and roll with the times.

Our son has saved for years and has enough to make this goal a reality for himself. He can sell his tiny house later down the road and upgrade, or he can move it to a new location if he chooses. By the time this tiny house is finished, he will be able to afford starting out and living debt free! The possibilities are endless, and this is a great way to live simply while reducing one's carbon footprint as well. What more does one person truly need?

How to get started

For those hoping to accomplish this same feat one day, here is an idea of what it takes. First off, save some money.  Save, save, and save some more! Secondly, start shopping and dreaming of what you need and want. A final piece of advice is to have patience and work while you wait for the right shed. The time you take now will pay off later.

Since the cost of wood is so high in our area, we decided to buy a shed that is all ready for us to make it our own, verses building from the ground up. We searched locally to avoid complications and cost of delivery. We kept our eyes peeled on a certain lot of sheds, and when the price dropped on a particular shed that was in our son's price range (a whole year later), we took the plunge!

Initial cost

The building is a 10 by 20 foot shed with a loft and a small covered front porch. It was required to put a $100 down, but our son was able to put more down in order to pay it off sooner.  He will pay $388 per month for 36 months (or until paid off, hopefully sooner). His total cost for the shed is $8,395.00, marked down from $9,376.00.

Next up was deciding where to put the future tiny house, and to prep and level the space on our property.  Our son ordered a truckload of gravel to be delivered from a local company for $135. So far it seems to be just enough, but the trees need trimmed around where the little building will be situated.

The shed has free local delivery within 30 miles, which is a bonus about purchasing local, and it is scheduled to arrive in two days.

Updates to come

I don't want to get too far ahead of myself so will leave it here for today. I am intending to keep a video log of this process as well, so feel free to watch for that on our site.

Until then, enjoy the weather, enjoy your loved ones, and take care!

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Oregon U.S.A.