Starting with a shed

Woo hoo!  Our son's shed/future home arrived on Thursday.  The delivery man was very efficient and even got the shed turned sideways in the space we had prepared.  I wish I had known that part of the delivery person's job is to make sure the shed sits level before he can leave. We would have tried harder to flatten out the space. He said we did good though.

The delivery man's name was Travis, just like my husband. He was quite impressed with Trevor and his plans to make this small building into a little home and live debt free. I hope Trevor will get to show him the finished product one day.

What have we done so far?

Nothing. Tee hee. Just taking this first step in purchasing and getting the shed here was a big ordeal.  Then the rest of life called us away for a few days and we have just let the house settle in its place while we all tend to work and school. 

We did go out and take measurements to estimate where the walls for the bathroom will be placed, and we simply marked some places out with sticks to give us an idea of what the space inside might look like that we have to work with. 

Decisions that must be made

I have assigned Trevor the task of  researching and deciding which type of toilet he wants. He has narrowed it down to either a composting toilet or a flushing toilet. He is leaning more toward composting because it will meet his need and be less expensive to purchase and install because it will not require plumbing. It would also be easier to have the house moved later if needed. However, he will be living in this space full time so I cautioned him to think on it for awhile.

The next decision was deciding if he would like to make it an off grid cabin or use electricity. He would like to start with hooking it up to power and hopefully make adjustments later.  He sees himself continuing to improve it for as long as he has it, so his first main priorities are to get it hooked up, add flooring, insulation and walls, and get it livable. 

Today is his day off so we are going out to shop around a bit and buy the wood needed to build his main sleeping loft. We will tackle that job first because it will give us a clearer picture as to what space underneath it we will have to work with for the kitchen and bathroom spaces.

Looking ahead

We are very excited to move forward with this project!  I hope to be able to share pictures of the new loft next week. Until then, all else is well for each of us here on the homestead and we send our blessings and love to all.

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier Oregon, U.S.A.