Hello readers and tiny house lovers!  We have been busy as usual but are getting questions from neighbors, family, and friends who are curious to know how the progress is coming along with our son's tiny house build, so I sat down today to make this blog and catch everyone up.

Reference to the first tiny house blog

In case you are new here and would like to know more, in a recent blog I posted the very start of this adventure and included all the details of how our 19-year-old son, Trevor, first purchased the small shed building to start his tiny house with. That blog explains the cost, size, and process of all those details. I will include that blog's link here if you are interested in it's information, Building A Tiny House.  From there you can follow along in reading any other blogs to catch up with where we are today and continue following along into the future of this build.

Next up is where we are now, starting with...

Costs of supplies and what supplies have been needed so far

Once we got the shed settled into it's home space, we set about planning the next step.  We had to research other tiny homes of approximately the same size to get ideas. There is one we liked before embarking on the purchase of our current shed, that we have based ours off of. All of us agreed that it was the best size and layout, with everything that our son would need from his own tiny home, other than a few differences and/or changes.  Here is a link to that video to give you an idea of what our vision is.

Next up, Trevor had to start purchasing some 2 x 4's that were used to construct a base for the bathroom walls, and also to make a stable flooring for a sleeping loft above. The 2 x 4's were a total cost of $100.00, but then it was needed to go back and get more so that added another $50.00.Then it was time to buy the OSB for the loft flooring, which was about $50.00, give or take a little bit on all of the wood purchases. 

This is the leftover OSB after putting in the sleeping loft.

With these supplies purchased and hauled home, the guys were able to measure out and put up the bathroom wall frame and the overhead loft in about 2 days, working on and off when they could. 

Keep in mind, we are all working in life so any tiny house projects just get squeezed in whenever we have a morning or time slot to do it. It is so nice to work on a tiny house in comparison to an average sized American home. Things get done much quicker and with less expense, but it will still provide everything a person needs and will be a comfortable dwelling that's affordable.

The next step was to decide on how many outlets the house will have, where they will be placed, and where the breaker box will be set. Trevor decided he will need to have an outlet in the loft, one in the bathroom, two in the kitchen, and two in the living room space. The cost of these supplies came to about $206.00 and were as follows:

1. 100 feet of electric wire

2. Six outlets

3. A small breaker box

4. And a few extra's like a new pair of work gloves, a new doorknob and lock for the front door, and a drill bit. (As things move along, Trevor is purchasing the tools he needs so by the time the tiny house is ready, he will have acquired his own basic tool kit.)

What's next?

Trevor has measured out a space for his shower, which is 32 x 32 x 74 inches. It is a stalled corner shower and costs $430.00. It has been ordered and will be delivered with free shipping to our local Home Depot where we will pick it up to be installed. That will be the next project but in the meantime, we still need to finish the wiring. So far we have part of the ground floor wired, which Trevor did himself with instruction and oversight from his Dad.

Here is a peak at what we have accomplished so far

The sleeping loft is in. A window will be added later.

The bathroom walls are framed out.

The main floor wiring is nearly complete.

In sharing this process and our journey through it, we hope this inspires someone else out there to achieve their dreams, no matter how small or big it may seem! We send our blessings and love to all.

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier Oregon, U.S.A.