Hello everyone in cyber land!  I just finished typing up an update on the animals for the board out front, and since our old Labrador, Teddy, is still comfortably sleeping at my feet I thought that I would quickly make a fall update on our blog.

 The Animals

We just received a chipper to use for grinding the stems in the alfalfa hay for our old mare Willow.  She has a bit of a crooked jaw from something in her past, and because of that, it has caused her left lower teeth to be flat.  We started feeding her senior feed in the spring, however, it is expensive and not always stocked. I also don't like that it contains a lot of ingredients that I feel horses would never naturally consume, therefore it is hard in their delicate digestive systems.  

So...we will try grinding the tough forage up.  Wish us well as this is the most natural thing I can think to do for Willow.

Joe the mini is doing great!  He alternates his time between his partially finished track run, or getting to be out in the field with Willow, or chilling in his paddock.  This seems to be breaking up his time and his eating, which is a good thing because he loves to eat a bit too much! He always has the company of the goats because they are able to slip in and out of all the areas in the field.

The 2 goats Clover and Nugget, are attached at the hip!  They butt heads, nap, chew feed, and follow each other around constantly.  They are super silly and super sweet. Clover has some eye drainage, and I'm not sure why, but this happens every year. I just wipe her eyes when I can but she doesn't always tolerate that well.

The old dogs are still old.  Super old. Like beautiful antiques.  We have pills for inflammation, pills for joints, and some other supplements to keep straight, but the seniors are comfortable and still love romping up and down the driveway, albeit a little slower.

The cat caught a mouse this morning and brought it into our room so...yeah, that was great.

Anyhoo...onto the next!

Our Family

We are doing great accept for one minor glitch. We all caught a snarly cold (no it's not Covid) that has been hanging around for a few weeks. The only normal sounding person in our house right now is M.J.  I have no idea how she has managed to stave off this virus, but let's cross our fingers that it leaves her in peace!

School remains to be an interesting endeavor with news that the charter high school Blake attends may be closing down in February, but I can't think about that right now.  We are just pushing Blake to get in as many credits while he can and praying for a miracle because we really love the school and hope it is there for M.J. and her group of friends. 

Tiny House

Yes, I know some of you have been waiting to hear more of an update.  The only changes since my last tiny house blog have been that the shower has been ordered, a refrigerator has been picked out, and I think the guys have narrowed it down to which kitchen sink will work. That's it right now.  It has just been sitting our there, looking cute and all unfinished in the rain, taunting us with it's potential.

I will share measurements, costs, and more of the tiny house' finer features and details in a future blog so stay tuned for that.

Our 3 Corners Farm Business

It has FINALLY slowed down!  The market season is over and we have now enjoyed two whole Saturday's to ourselves. The rain has helped what produce is left that's still growing in Travis's Odell field, and now he is already planning what will be planted now that can take off when March once again arrives. There is still enough of some of the produce to harvest and sell at the Co-Op but that will be tapering off soon as well. This all just means it will be time for the homemade breads and other goodies to have all the attention they deserve, just in time for the Holidays! A farmers work is never ending but thankfully it slows and has given us more time to can and store some of those harvests for ourselves.

We have even been able to play catch up around the homestead on a few things, and...we were honored to have friends around the firepit for visits and enjoyed their company at a local haunted Night Harvest.  The people at the haunt did an incredible job! We have not outright screamed, enjoyed ourselves, nor laughed that hard in far too long! We are so grateful to have made many new friends in our time here up in the hills of Mosier.

So...I think that catches everyone up for now. We send our love for this season straight out there to all of you.  Enjoy your families, the food, good fellowship, and the fall colors!

Sincere Blessings,

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Oregon U.S.A.