Hello fellow tiny house lovers!  We send our greetings and well wishes to you all. Here is the scoop on what we have been achieving in a slow but steady manner.  We have had some rain which has slowed us down some, but I think it's been more of an excuse to take a rest and enjoy this fall weather. We are loving this time of year!

So... here are the updates.


Trevor was able to find a few major home appliances through our local Home Depot, which was awesome because it saves us time searching on-line or travelling to other places looking for smaller appliances. He first bought a shower for $432.00. It was ordered and we picked it up from the store after it's arrival. Keep in mind it is small, only 34 by 34 inches in width (not sure of its height off the top of my head, but I know it fits his space). We have each taken a turn standing in the shower to test out the size, and it will do Trevor just fine!

Next up was the refrigerator, which we found in the Home Depot store on display. That cost was $389.00. The size of the fridge is pretty decent at 24 x26 inches around and somewhere around 60 inches in height.

Also, the guys had to go back for a few more OSB boards (maybe it was just one more), as well as a few miscellaneous electrical stuff. That total came to $88.00.  And they picked up some caulking supplies for about another $100.00.

Work Recently Done

The guys added a few more feet to the electrical wiring and installed some outlets. Then they added a layer of OSB over the cabin's floor to help with the sound and insulation. The floor now feels more solid and secure, and it is ready for wood flooring to be added. It took the guys awhile to cut out all the appropriate sized pieces of OSB board in the bathroom space and in the corner areas. Keep in mind that Trevor is still learning how to use the saw and all the tools, so it makes things a bit slower but what a great experience for him!

What Comes Next?

Next up, Trevor is going to take a ladder and climb up to the roofline to fill in some itty bitty slats with caulking. He will do this around the entire exterior roof line and then will do the same on the inside. Then there will be no drafts coming into the cabin. I believe after that, they are going to try to get the bathroom finished first, so they can put up the wall around it.  I also heard them discussing insulation, which is expensive so Trevor is going to buy it in increments verses all at once.

I feel like it is super slow going just because of waiting on getting supplies sometimes, but I know that one of these days, it will all of sudden look so much different and accomplished!  At lot can get done in a tiny space in a short amount of time, so we will get there!  Our goal is for Trevor to be able to live in his cabin come spring time. 

We are going to sit down this evening and write up, basically, a work order.  This will be a list for Trevor to work from that tells him what he needs to order or go get, and what needs to be worked on next.  This will allow him to move forward with a bit more independence.

I will, of course, share more details in other blog posts as this progresses.

Total Costs So Far

The purchase of the cabin-$8, 395.00 

The gravel-$135.00

2x4's for the bathroom wall-$100.00

OSB for the sleeping loft and floor-$50.00

Electrical wiring, outlets, breaker box, doorknob and lock-$206.00



Odds and ends (more electrical stuff, a few tools)-$88.00


All together so far-$9,873.00

Woo hoo! Great job Trevor! (And Travis too, of course). 

Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing the next steps with you.

Take care and many blessings,

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Oregon U.S.A.