Baby It's Cold Outside!

In our part of the world, the weather has gone into a pretty deep freeze once again.  We were enjoying daytime high's in the upper 30's and near 40 degrees Fahrenheit for awhile, but it is still winter after all.

Our area's weather was forecasting warmer temperatures that we never got, but for us, just traveling into town can make all the difference. Our hill's elevation is at 1600 feet, and it is normal for us to get heavy fog for days, which freezes the trees and ground. Although, in town, which is about 10 miles from us, downhill all the way, there is not even any snow left and it might be close to 10 degrees warmer.

We have lived up here since summer of 2019 and this difference in weather patterns and temperature still blows my mind!

Tiny House Tidbits

The kitchen sink arrived, woop woop!  It is so tiny and cute, haha, but perfect for one person and completely functional. It is an R.V. sized kitchen sink and came with the faucets and all the attachments, which is awesome.

Today, Trevor and I are going to go out to his cabin and clean things up so there is more room to work in.  Luckily, he has heat out there, which makes this a good day to be inside his little cabin because it is currently 28 degrees and breezy outside.  

Right now, the bathroom is full of insulation, drywall, tools, parts, and who knows what else, so I will climb a ladder and put all that Trevor hands me, in the spare loft above the front porch.  Hopefully I can organize it a bit.  The remaining insulation will need to be bagged and stored in one of our property storage sheds, but then we will have the bath and kitchen wide open to work with. 

I can't WAIT to see what the shower looks like once it is all fully installed.  So exciting!

Trevor made a decision of what wood flooring he would like so maybe I can accompany him to purchase that while the price is still reasonable. We are concerned that the prices of wood and other things are going to explode again and it is very nerve wracking.

So, if we get the space cleared out, we will see if we have room or space somewhere around here to keep the flooring, and his plan is to start by laying some of the flooring down in his sleeping loft first.  That way working up there will be easier because the guys won't get slivers from the sub flooring.

In Our Main House

Speaking of the tiny house and it's flooring reminds me that we have a project going on in the inside of our house too. We just bought trimming to go around the wood floors that we put in last year. It's not exciting, I know, but it is a small step that will make such a huge difference! There are so many improvements I want to make in our little home, and design ideas I have been dreaming up, but we also have the animal feed costs and other things to think about, so I will settle for the floor trimming for now and be grateful.

The rest will happen in it's own good time.

Ta Ta For Now

Well everyone, I hope you've enjoyed reading our weekly Homestead Happenings and I am eager to share more progress with the tiny house soon! 

Until then, stay well, take care, and many blessings.

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Oregon U.S.A.