I think we're pretty close to the halfway mark!

Hello fellow tiny house lovers!  We have made some leaps and bounds here recently and the tiny house is definitely starting to come together.  I have much to share in this blog so here we go!


Here is a picture of the Home Depot receipts, with a few Sawyers Hardware ones mixed in.  The piles are stapled together and from left to right, show how much Trevor has spent each month so far starting in October and ending where we are currently at in this month of February. December has the most receipts to date, but there are also on-line purchases not shown here.

                                    Five months worth of receipts from October through February.

Since our last tiny house blog update, the recent purchases have been windows, one for the bathroom and a window for each loft.  These came to a cost of $80.00 all together. 

There were also some odds and ends such as a coarse DW screw ($26.97), a mandrel 3" DC wheel ($5.97), and a mandrel 3" disc cut off ($5.97). I hope I typed those right because I had to ask what they are and what they will be used for. I was told that the guys are going to take out the the 2 x 4 board that is hanging across the upper living area space because it was basically only used for transportation support. Now that there are walls and dry wall, those will add the extra support the tiny house will need if ever it is moved again, so the board across is no longer serving a purpose. Plus, Trevor would like that space open to make the small living area feel bigger, and also to possibly add a small ceiling fan for circulation later down the road, if he can.

                                  The 2 x 4 that will come down to make the living area vaulted.

Some bigger costs

Trevor ordered his flooring from Home Depot and it is expected to arrive at the end of this month. He chose laminate wood flooring called, "Arden Blonde Hickory." 

The flooring cost was $750.00. (Ouch!  That was a big chunk for him.)

He ordered 274 feet and we will see if that's enough.  It should be. 

Trevor ordered the sink off of Amazon and it is made to fit an R.V. That cost was $95.00.

Now to update on the work recently done

-The water lines are set up, have been tested and are not leaking, but the water to the cabin is not hooked up yet. We still need a small pressure tank.

-The water lines were extended to the washing machine hook-up.

-More drywall was put up on the inner wall of the bathroom.

-The bathroom window was installed. (It still needs caulking and trim but it is in and looks great!)

                                                   The bathroom window is now in place.

Here is a video of doing the water pressure check in the tiny house. 

What's next?

-Finishing up drywall in the bathroom.

-Installing a bathroom door.

-Finishing up the shower. (Still)

-Doing the tedious job of cutting the metal support pieces from the board across the living space and starting to put in the ceiling. 

-To finish up the drywall by taping and filling the lines in.

Plans may change as we go, but we will just roll with it.

Total Cost So Far

Drum roll please...

Trevor has spent $1,674.00 since our last total cost update! Here is a break down of all these recent purchases;

$198.00 for more insulation

$84.00 additional drywall

$199.00 small water heater

$30.00 PEX pipes

$200.00 PEX pipe fittings and supplies

$80.00 three small windows

$38.91 odds and ends

$95.00 R.V. sized kitchen sink

$750.00 flooring

If you care to see the a list of supplies and costs from the beginning until now, please visit my blog post titled, "Where Are We With The Tiny House Project."


Current total cost so far is $11,547.91. Keep in mind that the majority of this cost is in the purchase of the shed building which was $8,395.00. The rest has been appliances, flooring, electrical, tools and parts, the shower, sub flooring, drywall, and 2 x 4's.

And that's all I have to share for now.  I feel the last final big expenses will be the commode and the range (or whatever Trevor settles on for that).  The rest of the fixings will be smaller such as paint, more caulking, cabinets, hardware, etc.  Just a lot of little stuff.

I hope you have enjoyed following along and reading this update.  Stay tuned for more and until next time stay well, take care, and many blessings.

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Oregon U.S.A.