Welcome to the craziness that has been our life

Greetings and welcome to our 3 Corners Farm blog! Have you noticed an absence of blog posts here lately?  Well, I am about to fill you in on why that it is!

Spring is our most busy season, and thanks to the colder than usual weather thrown into the mix, along with some illness and every day life, I have been floundering like a fish out of water!

A farm call

First up, in late March we had a vet out to check up on our beautiful senior mare, Willow. I was concerned about her loosing weight and a few other things. It turned out that we ended up treating her for ulcers. This is not a terribly uncommon issue for some horses, but it is an unfortunate one because the ulcers often come back. The good news is that Willow's stomach appears to be more comfortable now.  She is eating better and is on the mend. That is such a blessing!

Willow 22-year-old American Paint


The next swing forward lurched us into April and that is the month we get to celebrate each of our boys turning another year older!  Trevor is now 20-years-old and Blake is 17. Of course, Trevor wanted things for his tiny house and Blake got paintball stuff to use with his new paintball group. We enjoyed lots of home cooked foods and a bunch of goodies too. It's always nice to step back and revel in the small things that end up being so wonderful!  An example of that is the every day grind of parenting that leads us, in a blink of our eyes, to witnessing our "babies" grow up. Life is a miracle not to be taken for granted and birthdays give us a full day out of every year to celebrate.

 Gifts wrapped in red for my 2 Aries sons

Wild and wacky weather

During the whole month of April came surprises from Mother Nature. We endured sprinkles of snow, rain, wind and hail, and on April 11th (which was Blake's birthday) we were blessed with a dumping of snow (and no school)! Not only has this weird weather slowed our growing and farming season down, but it's just been so strange. I have lived in the great Columbia River Gorge my whole life and can't recall ever getting such an amount of snow in mid April! 

Snow Storm of April 2022

A quick getaway

Ironically enough, earlier in the year, Travis and I booked a quick getaway for just the two of us to go to Sunriver Oregon for a weekend.  We thought it would be the perfect time to visit in the spring, but just as the snow was letting up and melting off here at home, we found ourselves vacationing in a place getting more snow storms. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time in the hot tub because many of the places were shut down, and since by Oregon law, we were required to remove our snow tires by April 1st, we didn't feel like driving around too much. We stuck close to the condo. In the end it was enjoyable because there were other people to visit with who were either there for the skiing, or a getaway like us, and it was fun to talk with them about all kinds of things. Plus we also had the time to enjoy each other's company without constant work to plan out. The greatest bonus was that traveling to and from Sunriver was clear and sunny, haha! (Go figure).  We were also super grateful to the kids who kept the home front going while we were away and they did a bang up job!  That is no easy feat.

Some every day life

Naturally, we also have sporadically spent time gardening, tending to the animals, working on finishing up Trevor's tiny house (which is still not done yet), and helping Blake organize his paintball group, and M.J. with her on-line school work. We also got the goats' hooves trimmed and to sum that up...it was an adventure all in itself.

A mystery illness (not Covid related)

By the end of April, I must have overdone myself because I became ill. While Travis welcomed the month of May by building a newer, nicer, and bigger walk-in freezer, I greeted the new month from the couch or bed. After lots of fluids and a few visits to the doctor and a few simple tests, I managed to pull myself, slowly, back into life, just in time to wish our mini horse, Joe Joe, a happy 19th birthday, and our little goat, Nugget, a happy first year birthday.

A picture of Joe Joe out for a stroll

And here we are!

The weather has still been very unpredictable. Wet, soggy, rainy, windy, and then a sporadic day of warmth sprinkled in here or there, but spring is in the air and everywhere!  The wild flowers are in beautiful full bloom, bringing with them plenty of seasonal allergies to go around. The flowers we planted on Mother's Day are growing and they look so lovely. The Odell garden, after a few setbacks, is producing and Travis is now selling fresh salad greens. Finally! 

It's been a crazy and wild ride for us these past few months.  I would love to add more pictures or a video to this blog, but we have also been managing with very little internet service for the past few months. Through it all, we remain humbled, grateful, and blessed to be living this beautiful life that we have created on our little patch of earth. 

Oh! I forgot to mention that somewhere in the mix, I have started making all natural beeswax candles to compliment my home made breads and Travis's produce when we start selling at The Dalles Farmer's Market coming up here in the next few weeks.

A beautiful Beeswax candle with some Balsamroot


Until next time, stay well, take care of each other, and may you all be blessed.

Amy E. darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Oregon U.S.A.