Some sad news

On Sunday, June 12, at 9:45 a.m., we said good bye to our precious collie dog of 14 years, Babie.

                                                Babie could relax even on subflooring!

We knew this time was coming, however that does not make it any easier. For me especially, this is a hard transition because for the last 14 years, Babie has been shadowing, at my feet, wherever my footsteps went. Collie's are very loyal to one person and I was blessed to be the one assigned by her for this important job since her first day with me in 2009. (She was 1 or 2 years old when we adopted her form our local shelter).

The first night without her by my bedside felt like a form of earthly torture to me, so the next night I placed Babie's purple collar in her usual sleeping spot, and though that may seem silly, it brought me comfort and I was able to sleep and make peace with her heavenly departure. Her final night was brutal and I promised her she would never have to endure such suffering again! 

She had made it to morning even though at about 1:00 a.m. I awoke to her having labored breathing and shortly after, she suddenly lost all control of her bladder and bowels. This was distressing to Babie, who knew she could not make it outside, but I consoled her and she understood I was not mad or upset, that this was not her fault. I cried inside because I knew her internal organs and systems were in the process of starting to shut down, and all I could do was comfort Babie and be with her. I stole as many loves and kisses as I could and somehow I managed to remain calm and in control for her, speaking in a soft but cheerfully calming voice and doting on her every minute. We endured the night with as much grace and acceptance as we could, together.

I dutifully cleaned her messes and slept with her on the floor until the first light when I was able to contact an emergency vet. Babie was too weak by morning to walk so we moved her by carrying her in a blanket. After the kids each said their tearful but loving good bye's, and the other dogs were allowed to sniff noses with Babie one more time, she had one final car ride with the windows rolled down. Then several forehead kisses later, she peacefully made her journey across the rainbow bridge, of which has been very busy lately. She trusted me and was ready to let go.

                                                          Babie in spring of 2021

Grieving, adjusting, and moving forward knowing Babie had the best life with us!

Our family will now move on with an attitude of rejoicing so many incredible years of joy and love from Babie! She was so faithful and loyal (and serious) to the very end, and she deserves eternal bliss, especially since her last months were hard in her aged body regardless of any vet attention or medicine we provided.

Thankfully the kids are old enough to understand, and see, that it was Babie's time to go and now she is romping with her old pal, Dodger, in heaven. She is her formal youthful and healed self! Our other two dogs seem to understand the gravity of the situation and have since seemed a little lost without their matriarch dog, but they are doing okay. Animals have a deep knowing that far surpasses us humans. I believe they understand all that transpired, and they just have a way of accepting it as it is, without the need to change the process. Even when it comes to death, dogs continue to teach us so many valuable and wise life lessons.

Due to the messy nature of Babie's last night on earth (through no fault of her own!) we decided to rip out the master bedroom carpet and replace it as soon as we are able. Life moves forward and brings with it change. I will accept it and have no regrets.

In memory of Babie and all our farm pets who have gone before her

So this blog post goes out in memory of Babie and all our farm pets who have gone before her, and most of all, to those of you out there who are reading these words and understand what it is to love and lose a pet. They never get to stay with us long enough! I believe they cross our paths at designated times when we need them most. They share such enthusiasm for the simple things in life like care rides with the windows rolled down, chasing a butterfly, enjoying a warm day on the porch while bird watching, and sneaking bites from the kids of the best food humans have to offer. Dogs are the most noble teachers of unconditional love and how to live in the moment.

Next, I hope to share more happenings from our farming season, after giving ourselves some time to grieve and adjust to life without Babie here. Until then, remember to love each other and if you have an old faithful dog, please give them an extra special kiss and hug from me.

"I love you forever and always Babie. We will meet again."

                                             Adopted May 10, 2009 - June 12, 2022

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier Oregon, U.S.A.