Hello and welcome to our 3 Corners Farm and Homestead page! Here, I will share some of the details in growing our small market garden and where we are at in the process of continuing to improve our Homestead.

For those new to this blog, I will quickly mention that the market garden business is mostly run on a separate one acre parcel in a nearby town and is not owned by us, but we do wash and store the produce on our Homestead.

Our small house, and the property it sits on, was purchased by us in 2019.  We added paddocks, a small hay barn, and shelters for the animals.  We also have cleared some of the land, built a walk-in freezer, and we've made many home improvements. During all of this, we managed to help our son build a cabin (or a tiny house in other words) on our property as well.

So, here is the scoop on what we accomplished during the month of November, 2022.

Farming and Business

Thanks to my husband Travis, we renewed our certification in Certified Naturally Grown produce. This is required to be updated every year and has to have the correct paperwork. We must show which chemicals, if any, are used, which is pretty simple for us because we use no chemicals.

This process requires Travis to get an inspection of his growing property from an approved farmer. Then the inspection must be verified and approved. In return, Travis will be required at a later date, either to give an inspection to another farmer, or to be an observer for one on-line inspection where he needs to participate and ask questions.


It costs $204.00 a year ($17.00 per month) to maintain certification. 

In other farm happenings, and back here on the Homestead, Travis managed to get the rest of the holes dug for the new garden posts before the ground froze over and hardened.

Weather and other Homestead Happenings

We ended November with high's in the 20's at night, and near 40's by day, however, our elevation is 1600 feet so when we drive down to town, it's a whole different story on weather there!

We currently have quite a bit of snow and are turning our attention to inside work projects.

1. Travis does on-line contracting work this time of year.

2. We are tearing out carpets and preparing to replace all the bedroom floors with wood by spring. (Yes, living with subflooring temporarily really motivates us to get the job done).

3. Aside from animal care, blogging, helping our youngest with oh-line school, and some home duties, I am waiting to hear back from a publisher about my second book.

4. We also are working on improving our YouTube channels, but are finding that to be very time consuming so it is a slow process.

5. And of course, we are getting ready for Christmas!  We are relieved to have the majority of our shopping done, but have yet to decorate or get our tree.

The Animals and Tiny House Update

We added a full door and a gate to Joe's shelter and paddock. (He is our 19-year-old mini horse). We got it completed just before the snow and freezing wind arrived, phew! He will be so much more protected from the elements now, but we still have improvements to make for the horse and goats. 

The animals have all they need, but we like to make upgrades every fall.  I'm sure it will take a few more years to get things set up how we really want them, but we will continue to pluck away at projects when wood is available and affordable.

Onto the cabin, this past Saturday, while the weather was cold but dry, we tried to finally finish putting in the pine board ceiling throughout the tiny house. I had hoped that it would be done by now, but our son needs his Dad's help, and so far their work schedules are never matching up.

So...this means that Travis is having to work on it while Trevor is at his job, lucky guy!

Right now, the ceiling is partially in but there is still more work to do. Trevor needs to make a trip through the snow to Home Depot to get more boards. Below I have added a picture of what his cabin ceiling looked like before, so come back next month to see the completed project. (Hopefully).

Cabin/loft ceiling before adding pine boards

I will eventually do another add up of the costs on what Trevor has spent so far, to give others who are interested in tiny house living, an idea and a plan of what it entails.

He is loving his cabin so far!  It has all he needs and then some.  He is able to live comfortably and manages to be debt free while saving on the side, and...his cabin is simply adorable! (But don't tell him I said that, ha).

I will add the links of the previous tiny house cabin information below if you are interested to learn more about it.

That's a Wrap!

It is technically our slow season but it sure doesn't feel like it yet! With that said, we are all healthy and grateful to have the ability to accomplish so much together and our Thanksgiving was fabulous too! 

Thanks again for visiting our page and following along in our farm and Homesteading journey. Until next month, take care, be blessed, and enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones!

Amy E. Darr

3 Corners Farm

Mosier, Or. U.S.A.

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